Repton School

Repton School, located in the countryside of Derbyshire, is a beautiful co-educational school with a strong boarding ethos and excellent sports. But to reduce Repton to sports alone would be unwise. It's drama department is excellent; it's science block an architectural marvel and kitted out with cutting edge technology; and its music provision complete with orchestra, bands and ensembles very good.
Von Bülow Education placed 3 pupils here in 2019.

The Essentials

  • Number of pupils: 640

  • Percentage of boarders: 70%

  • Percentage of international pupils: 15%

  • Av. class size: senior school - 15 / 6th Form - 9

  • Closest international airport: Birmingham Airport, 60 minutes away by car

  • Fees per term for 2019/2020: £12,261

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What we think
A gem of a boarding school. Great for sporty all-rounders!

The Details

The Academics:

A-Levels and GCSEs on offer.

Repton School is not an especially selective school. Its exam results in 2019 with 34% A-grades at A-Levels and 66% A-grades at GCSEs do the school credit.

Stand-out features of Repton School's teaching are the school's amazing new science block, complete with 3D projectors that can show animated body parts like kidneys and hearts in pupils' eye-line, and the passionate teachers that go above and beyond the call of duty to help pupils, especially at exam time.

Languages on offer are German, French, Spanish, Latin and Greek.


70% of pupils board, making Repton very much a proper boarding school.

The school has ten boarding houses, six for boys and four for girls. The houses all have distinct personalities and it's advisable to be shown at least two to get a sense of how different they are. The community feel in the boarding houses is enhanced by in-house dining.

Repton School has exeat week-ends and they are compulsory.


Repton School's sports offer is right up there with the best in the UK. Its reputation for amazing hockey is well deserved and facilities so good that the GB's men's squad has trained here. Football is very strong also and many of the boys go on to play with premier league clubs like Watford. Other strong sports include athletics, swimming, sailing, golf and riding.

Repton School has a vibrant creative community. The amazing arts department is run by two artists-in-residence, professional artists that teach here and pass on their expertise to budding creatives. Music is strong with over 60% of pupils playing instruments, regular house competitions and even dedicated music events where pupils and professional musicians perform together. Drama is very prominent with numerous theatre productions, musicals, cabarets and even a yearly, much-anticipated fashion show!

Repton School is and feels like a proper boarding school. The high number of boarders and close-knit community, in-house dining, stunning 17th century campus, all embedded into picturesque town Repon make this an unparalleled choice for a great boarding experience.


None that we can think of. This is a marvelous school!

The Location
Repton School is part of Repton, a small picturesque village in Derbyshire, 5 miles from the larger town Burton upon Trent.

The Address
Repton School
DE65 6FH

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