Welcome to 'From the Horse's Mouth'!

In this podcast we chat with pupils currently enrolled at British boarding schools. We get their first-hand impressions of some of the UK's top boarding schools. What their school day looks like. What they love (and what not). What the food is like and much, much more. All from the horse's mouth, as it were!
Most conversations are in German.
12. Episode - Christina v. A. // Christ's Hospital School // June 2021 ---
For the 12th episode of From the Horse's Mouth, we spoke with Christina, currently in Y11 at Christ's Hospital School. Christina spoke about school life during Covid-19, what it's like to wear the school's exotic uniform and why she really enjoyed the marching!
11. Episode - Greta B. // Malvern College // April 2021 ---
For the eleventh episode of From the Horse's Mouth, we spoke with Greta, currently in Y11 at Malvern College. Greta spoke about what her six days of covid-quarantine at the school were like, how her Chemistry teacher is the best she's ever had and why her time at Malvern College is amazing despite the covid restrictions.
10. Episode - Balthazar G. // Bryanston School // February 2021 ---
For the tenth episode of From the Horse's Mouth, we spoke with Balthazar, currently in 6th Form at Bryanston School. Balthazar has a keen passion for creative pursuits and is loving everything that this school with its state-of-the-art creative offer throws at him.
9. Episode - Justus R. // Bede's School // January 2021 ---
Happy 2021! For the ninth episode of From the Horse's Mouth, we spoke with Justus, currently in 5th Form at Bede's School. Justus loves being there so much that he has decided after three months to stay in England for the rest of his school life! Why that is you'll hear forthwith.
8. Episode - Sarah S. // Malvern College // December 2020 ---
For the eighth episode of From the Horse's Mouth, we talked to Sarah, currently in 5th Form at Malvern College. Sarah is doing so well there that she has been made a 'Malvern Scholar' and enjoys additional academic benefits. Outside the classroom, Sarah is busy with singing lessons, hockey and kayak-polo.
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