Welcome to 'From the Horse's Mouth'!

In this podcast we chat with pupils currently enrolled at British boarding schools. We get their first-hand impressions of some of the UK's top boarding schools. What their school day looks like. What they love (and what not). What the food is like and much, much more. All from the horse's mouth, as it were!
Most conversations are in German.
6. Episode - Jakob D. // Gresham's School // October 2020 ---
For the sixth episode of From the Horse's Mouth, we talked to Jakob, currently in 6th Form at Gresham's school in Norwich. Jakob talked to us about why it was love at first sight with Gresham's and how he ended up being in a class of one for his English lessons!
5. Episode - Levi S. // Uppingham School // September 2020 ---
For the fifth episode of From the Horse's Mouth, we talked to Levi, who joined Uppingham School for L6th in 2019. Levi talked to us about Uppingham's amazing music, fantastic teachers and how he had to get used to certain cultural idiosyncracies of his new home ;-)
4. Episode - Lara-Marie P. // Bryanston School // July 2020 ---
For the fourth episode of From the Horse's Mouth, we talked to Lara-Marie, who joined Bryanston School for Y10 in 2018. Lara-Marie tells us about Bryanston School's creative culture and her learning the art of time-management!
3. Episode - Katharina W. // Charterhouse // July 2020 ---
For the third episode of From the Horse's Mouth, we talked to Katharina, who decided for 6th Form at elite boarding school Charterhouse one year ago. Here, she tells us all the things she currently misses most about Charterhouse.
2. Episode - Emily G. // Haileybury // June 2020 ---
Our Managing Director Ferdinand Steinbeis talks to Emily, a current pupil in her penultimate year at Haileybury. Emily talks about her first year at Haileybury, what boarding life is like and why Haileybury has impressed her with its amazing homeschooling.
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