Welcome to 'Tea with the Head'!

In our podcast „Tea with the Head“​, we invite headmasters and headmistresses of renowned British boarding schools for a chat over tea. We talk about the schools in particular, eduation in general, the heads' personal interests and anything else that could be interesting.
The conversations are exclusively in English.
5. Episode - Ben Figgis // Ardingly College // October 2020 ---
Ferdinand Steinbeis talks to Ben Figgis, headmaster of Ardingly College in England. Ben talks about Ardingly's focus on developing social empathy in pupils and tells Ferdinand what being a headmaster in times of covid-19 is really like.
4. Episode - Tom Lawson // Eastbourne College // August 2020 ---
Ferdinand Steinbeis talks to Tom Lawson, headmaster of Eastbourne College in England. Tom talks about why he thinks co-ed boarding schools are where it's at, why Eastbourne College is the most balanced of all UK boading schools and how he takes care of the mental health of his pupils.
3. Episode - Dr. Richard Maloney // Uppingham School // August 2020 ---
Ferdinand Steinbeis talks to Dr. Richard Maloney, headmaster of Uppingham School in England. Dr Maloney told us about his school and the importance for pupils to have a "hinterland", as well as good grades. He also tells us why in times like these he reads German philosopher Immanuel Kant for inspiration and solace.
2. Episode - Lisa Kerr // Gordonstoun // June 2020 ---
In the second episode of Tea with the Head, Ferdinand talks to Lisa Kerr, Principal of Gordonstoun, a boarding school in Scottland.
Ferdinand and Lisa talk about Lisa's illustrious career path from music via media to the head of one of Britain's most prestigious boarding schools. They talk about what makes Gordonstoun unique, and what an education in a world beset by uncertainty needs to look like.
1. Episode - Andrew Rattue // St Clare's // May 2020 ---
In the first episode we talk to Andrew Rattue, headmaster of the unique boarding school St Clare's in Oxford. Andrew tells us about his school, the opportunities of living and learning in a world-class university town and how the corona virus caused him sleepless nights.
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