Welcome to 'Tea with the Head'!

In our podcast „Tea with the Head“​, we invite headmasters and headmistresses of renowned British boarding schools for a chat over tea. We talk about the schools in particular, eduation in general, the heads' personal interests and anything else that could be interesting.
The conversations are exclusively in English.
13. Episode -- Peter Goodyer // Bede's Senior School // May 2021 --
This time, we've changed the format somewhat! Ferdinand and Antonia still talk to a headmaster - this time the lovely Peter Goodyer - but we talk to other senior staff, teachers and puils also. Also we take listeners on a quick tour through school....we hope you enjoy!
12. Episode -- Chris Wheeler // Monkton Combe School // April 2021 --
Ferdinand and Antonia talk to the affable, inspiring Chris Wheeler, headmaster of Monkton Combe School in Somerset. Monkton Combe is well known for it's amazing pastoral care, great arts and music, as well as fantastic rowing. Chris talked to us about the importance of teaching pupils who they are as opposed to what they do. We were at the school for this recording - a TWTH first!
11. Episode -- Martin Collier // Haileybury School // March 2021 --
Ferdinand and Antonia talk to the visionary Martin Collier, headmaster of Haileybury School in England. Haileybury is well known as one of the top IB schools in the country. Martin talks to us about school being open again after the lockdown, the school's amazing StanX science programme and Martin's vision for Haileybury for the next 10 years.
10. Episode -- Rick Clarke // Frensham Heights School // March 2021 --
Ferdinand and Antonia talk to Rick Clarke, the lovely headmaster of Frensham Heights School in England. Frensham Heights is a progressive school where children don't wear school uniform and address teachers - and even Rick, the headmaster - with their first name. Frensham Heights has an amazing creative offer around art, music, theatre and design. Also its approach to learning by breaking down the silos between subjects is exciting and inspiring!
9. Episode -- Joss Buchanan // King William's College // February 2021 --
Ferdinand and Antonia talk to Joss Buchanan, the affable headmaster of King William's College on the Isle of Man. King William's College is the only boarding school in Great Britain that is currently able to run a normal school, as covid-19 has been eradicated from the Isle of Man. Joss talks with great wit and lucid anecdotes about life at College.
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