Wycombe Abbey School

Wycombe Abbey School, located 30 minutes from central London, is the 'grande dame' of English girls boarding schools. An academic powerhouse par excellence, Wycombe Abbey performs consistently among the top 20 schools in the UK. The academic prowess is only a small part of the story, however. This school provides a safe haven for girls to truly be themselves, to explore academic subjects (maths and sciences hugely popular here!), sports, creative pursuits and anything else that matters in the development of happy, successful young women.
Von Bülow Education placed 1 pupils here in 2020.

The Essentials

  • Number of pupils: 635

  • Percentage boarders: 90%

  • Percentage international pupils: 30%

  • Average class size: senior school - 12 // 6th Form - 10

  • Closest international airport: London Heathrow 45 minutes away by car

  • Fees per term for 2019/2020: £13,450

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What we think
Not for the faint-hearted! If you get a place - GO!

The Details


A-Levels and GCSEs on offer.

Wycombe Abbey School is very, very academic and sports the required results to back this up: in 2019 a stunning 97% of GCSE grades were A grades and 80% of A-Levels were A grades. This puts Wycombe Abbey School firmly in the top 10 of UK schools. Needless to say, this result is at least in part, achieved by being highly selective.

It goes without saying that girls applying to Wycombe Abbey School need to be very academic and ready to be challenged. The girls' academic performance is tracked consistently. Small lapses in performance will lead to a ramp up in support. Sounds daunting? Possibly, but it's all for the right cause, namely for the girls to live up to their potential.

Languages on offer are Latin, Greek, German, French, Spanish and Mandarin


90% of girls board. Most girls share rooms with one other girl.

The boarding houses are all cozy, tastefully decorated and renovated to a high standard. The pastoral care is excellent. The boarding community is close-knit and integrative.

Exeat week-ends exist and are compulsory.


Wycombe Abbey's academic prowess is a clear and undoubtled strength. The girls are pushed but in a good way with ample support whenever and whereever they need it. Moreover, the fact that girls feel free to study what they enjoy rather what is deemed socially acceptable is a massive advantage. As one would expect, the teachers are phenomenal and widely admired by the girls The results speak for themselves.

Wycombe Abbey offers a broad range of excellent sports including very successful football, netball, tennis and squash. Sailing is doing well of late, too. Other popular sports include polo, rowing, lacrosse, swimming, hockey and tennis.

This is a proper, traditional English boarding school. Nearly 90% of the girls board and there's no compromises on boarding - no flexi or weekly boarding here. Wycombe Abbey is a proper, close-knit boarding community thanks to it.

The creative offer around music, drama and art is extremely good, too. Most girls play at least one instrument and there are orchestras, bands and choirs to participate in. Six major drama productions a year. Art happens in a gorgeous department space and girls can do textiles, ceramics, painting and photography.


We love Wycombe Abbey, though do sometimes get the sense that things are done a little too 'by the book'. We guess, a school of this stature can do things exactly the way it wants without needing to compromise.

The Location
Wycombe Abbey School is located in the heart of friendly town High Wycombe, 40 minutes from central London.

The Address
Wycombe Abbey School
Abbey Way

HP11 1PE

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