Westonbirt School

Westonbirt School is an utterly charming girls boarding school. The school resides within 25 acres of lush gardens in rural Gloustershire, where on average 220 girls receive a holistic and inclusive education. Teaching is supportive and passionate; the extracurricular activities are extensive and include great drama and music, as well as great sports. Befitting of the school's location, outdoors activities are very popular here.
Von Bülow Education placed 2 pupils here in 2020.

The Essentials

  • Number of pupils: 220

  • Percentage of boarders: 45%

  • Percentage of international pupils: 15%

  • Av. class size: senior school - 12 / 6th Form - 10

  • Closest international airport: Bristol Airport, one hour by car.

  • Fees per term for 2019/2020: £10,150

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What we think
A very happy, inclusive school for girls seeking a well-rounded education.

The Details

The Academics:

A-Levels, BTecs and GCSEs on offer.

Westonbirt School is a non-selective school yet achieves consistently decent academic results considering. In 2019, 33% of its A-Level grades were As and 37% of its GCSE grades As.

Moreover, according to the University of Durham, Westonbirt School is in the top 5% of schools for value added, a measure that identifies academic improvement. What this means? Girls at Westonbirt School tend to get a grade higher in each GCSE subject than expected!

The school offers BTecs in equine management, creative digital media production and performing arts.

Westonbirt School's learning support department is strong and supports both those in need of support (dyslexia, discalcula etc) and the very gifted.

German, French, Spanish, Latin and Mandarin on offer.


48% of girls board.

Three senior boarding houses and one 6th-Form house. The senior houses are all in great shape and with amazing views over the park. 6th Form girls get their own house with single rooms and 3/4 of girls board.

Exeat week-ends are compulsory at Westonbirt School.


Westonbirt School's great strength is in the performing arts - drama, music and dance. Whoever wants to perform is given the chance to do so, whether it is acting in play in the school's 400-seat Orangery Theatre or playing an instrument in the orchestra, several ensembles or bands. The three choirs are hugely popular also. Pupils can try their hand at recording and composition with state-of-the-art recording technology.

The sports offer is another forte. While Westonbirt School is too small a school to seriously compete in the team sports, the breadth and quality of sports is great nevertheless with lacrosse, tennis, riding, polo and netball being particular strengths. A dance and fitness studio is also available.

As mentioned above, Westonbirt achieves amazing things academically. As a non-selective school to be one of the top schools in the country for value added is special!

Last but not least, Westonbirt School has a uniquely charming, warm atmosphere and is very inclusive. Girls hit the ground running fast, no matter how shy or introvert they are.


None that we know of - Westonbirt School is a great school!

The Location
Westonbirt School is in a rural location in Gloustershire, 30 minutes away from university town Bristol.

The Address
Westonbirt School


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