Marymount International School

Marymount International School is a girls school with a great reputation. Different from the many hothouse girls schools in the UK, Marymount is ambitious without losing its warmth and supportiveness. Along with excellent academics (the school offers the IB!), a wealth of good co-curricular activities are on offer, with good music, arts and drama. The girls look most forward to the International Evenings, where girls from different nationalities get to represent their country with a big celebration.
Von Bülow Education placed 2 pupils here in 2020.

The Essentials

  • Number of pupils: 260

  • Percentage boarders: 35%

  • Percentage international pupils: 50%

  • Av. class size: senior school: 12 // 6th Form: 9

  • Closest international airport: London Heathrow Airport, 30mins by car.

  • Fees per term for 2019/2020: £14,101

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What we think
A great, caring girls' school that flies under the radar a little.

The Details

The Academics:

The school offers IGCSEs and the IB

In academic terms, Marymount is a quietly ambitious school, and is doing very well: in 2019 the girls achieved a very good IB average of 37 points, six points above the world average!

German, French, Spanish and Italian on offer. More languages can be provided ab initio and with external teachers.


35% of the girls board. Due to the very small size of the school, everyone know everyone here, which leads to great integration between day- and boarding pupils.

The boarding houses are recently refurbished and some of the coziest we know.

Exeat week-ends exist, but are not compulsory.


Marymount International School is a school with a very strong identity. It is a very friendly girls school for starters, with bespoke teaching and undistracted girls who are able to be themselves. The small size, Catholic ethos and international outlook of the school complement the single-sex education perfectly. Lastly, unlike many girls schools we know, Marymount International School is academic without being hothousey!

The location in Kingston, a safe and friendly suburb south of London, is a key point of attraction of most girls. Access to airports and everything London has to offer is very convenient!

Upon our last visit we were very taken by the school's maker space, the so called Fab Lab. Here the girls can make physical and digital prototypes, build robots and learn how to programme software - a truly 21st century take on creativity!

The sports programme is very good here, especially the football. Most teamsports can be catered for thanks to excellent connections to clubs in the area.


The close proximity to London makes Marymount International School a popular choice with well-to-do London families. It has been known that pupils on occasion flaunt their wealth at school.

35% boarders isn't as quite many as we would like. The school makes up for it with amazing integration, which leads to lots of boarders staying with day girls on week-ends.

The Location
Marymount International School is located in Kingston-upon-Thames a beautiful suburb of London.

The Address
Marymount International School
George Rd
Kingston upon Thames

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