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Harrow School

Harrow School is one of four remaining full boarding, all boys schools left in the UK. Highly academic, but with so much else to offer, whether its the excellent sports, amazing drama or arts. As you'd expect from a school like this, entrance is highly competitive: roughly 600 pupils apply for 160 places at age 13.
Von Bülow Education placed 1 pupils here in 2023.

The Essentials

  • Number of pupils: 825

  • Percentage of boarders: 100%

  • Percentage of international pupils: 20%

  • Av. class size: senior school - 12 / 6th Form - 8

  • Closest international airport: Heathrow Airport, one hour away by car.

  • Fees per term for 2023/2024: £16,850

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What we think
A proper, amazing, traditional English boys boarding school.

The Details

The Academics:

There's no two ways about it, Harrow School is a very academic school. At A-level in 2023, more than 75% were A-grades and 75% were 9-8 grades at IGCSE. These results put the school easily in the Top 30 schools in the country.

Maths is by far the most popular subject, taken by two-thirds of the boys at A-Level.

The normal school curriculum is only part of the story, however. Harrow School offers elective courses and regular outside speakers (e.g. Sir David Attenborough) alongside to inspire, educate and encourage engagement with the world at large.

An amazing range of languages are on offer: Latin, Greek, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese. Wow!


100% boarding, no exceptions. 12 boarding houses ranging from several hundred years old to one that opened only last year. All houses in top condition and within a stone's throw from the school proper. By Y11 boys have single rooms.

Exeat weekends are compulsory.


IGCSEs and A-Levels on offer.

Harrow School is steeped in tradition and history. Parts of the school are reminiscent of a museum rather than a school, e.g. the stunning Fourth Form room has names of old Harovians carved into the wood panelling with Byron to Cumberbatch. Parts of the Harry Potter films were shot here!

Needless to say, the academic education is first-rate with enormously passionate teachers showing the boys the way. On average 15% of boys go to Oxford and Cambridge afterwards.

The school has a deserved reputation for being very sporty with rugby, football and cricket being especially competitive. Tennis, squash, golf, fencing, judo...the list of sports taught at a high level goes on.

Music is strong, and singing a special highlight. The school's choir, orchestras, string quartets and ensembles regularly features around London, including the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall.


Harrow School has a reputation for being rather aloof. We visited recently and were received very warmly. Definitely worth checking out for yourself!

The Location
Harrow School is located in the suburban town Harrow-on-the-Hill on the doorstep of London.

The Address
Harrow School
5 High St

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