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19 April 2018
by Ferdinand Steinbeis

Why us? What makes educational consultancy von Bülow Education different.

Hello from beautifully sunny Oxford!
Blue sky.
25 degrees in the shade.
…that's what it looks like here in Harwell at the moment. After months of bad weather, it is finally looking beautiful. One thing is certain: we won't stay in the office for long today. Pimms on the lawn. Punting on the river. Snoozing in the sun. One has to enjoy it while it lasts.
Though before we disappear, here's a quick note.
At von Bülow Education, we speak to new clients on a daily basis. Often we are asked what makes us different from other agents, especially the ones in Germany. "Why should be choose von Bülow Education?", they ask.
So we've decided to collate the most important arguments for why families should come to us.
1. We are where the schools are.
von Bülow Education is the only German-speaking educational consultant headquartered in the UK. Based in Harwell, close to Oxford, we are just a stone's throw from some of the best boarding schools England has to offer. We make ample use of this: not a week goes by, when we don't visit at least one of our partner schools. The benefit to you? Only the very freshest of insights into the schools we work with for you to make an informed decision on which school is right for your child.
Also, once your child is here, we are close. So in an emergency we can help you and your child right there and then.
2. We only work with British schools.
Most of our competitors work with boarding schools the world over. Von Bülow Education, however, specialises in boading schools in Great Britain. This focus allows us to know schools from one place very, very well. 25 years of working with and visiting British boarding schools has given us insider knowledge that is unparalleled in the industry.
3. We hold exclusive relationships to certain top schools.
25 years of excellent working relationships pays off - top schools such as Sevenoaks School, Malvern College, Winchester College and Wycombe Abbey School only wor with us and the 'friendly competition' Barbara Glasmacher.
4. Your child is our priority.
We feel responsible. After all, you send your most loved person abroad and spend a lot of money doing so. That is why we promise to do our utmost to find the perfect match for your child. You have our word on this!
And yet, words are cheap, as the Brits say! Why don't you come meet us and make up your own mind about us. We organize regular consulting days in Germany and the UK. You can find them here
To make an appointment to see us please get in touch any time via info@buloweducation.com or 0044-1235 838 540.
We look forward to hearing from you.
von Bülow Education Team
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