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21 April 2020
by Ferdinand Steinbeis

ANOTHER PODCAST! "From the Horse's Mouth" - a conversation with Lisa M., current pupil at St Clare's Oxford

Hello from sunny London!
They say devil finds work for idle hands.
With the schools closed and the office less busy with client interactions, we quickly came to the conclusion that one podcast was not going to keep us busy.
So, we decided to launch another one. Simple.
We proudly present to you: "From the Horse's Mouth", a podcast series all about conversations with pupils currently schooling with well-known, British boarding schools. We ask them about their life at these schools. What they do, what they love, and what not so much. Hopefully these conversations will give you valuable insights into British boarding school life in general and into specific schools in particular.
Our first chat was with the lovely Lisa. We met Lisa two years ago together with her parents in Germany and quickly decided together that the boarding school St Clare's in Oxford would be a good fit for her. As it turns out, we were right ;-)
Listen below to Lisa about St Clare's:

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