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17 October 2017
by Ferdinand Steinbeis

The Essentials Series #1: How much does a stay at an English boarding school cost?

We are starting a new series of blog posts called The Essentials Series.
In these posts we cover all those essential topics we most frequently talk about with families in relation to English boarding schools.
We hope you'll find these posts useful. Please let us know your thoughts!
This first post will cover the cost of an English boarding school. We have divided it into subsections for you to be able to cherry-pick what is most relevant for you.
So, how much do English boarding schools cost?
In the school year 2021/2022 one term will cost you on average between £10.000 and £13.000.
With the current, weak Pound Sterling of around €1.12 in 2021 this will be between €35.000 and €45.000.
What does this school fee cover?
The fee generally covers classes, boarding expenses and most extracurricular activities. Things such as individual music lessons, extra language classes and extra learning support are not covered. Moreover, families have to pay on top for the school uniform, pocket money and travel cost to and from the school.
Why are English boarding schools so expensive?
The schools sure seem pricey on first impression. However, they are actually rather decent value-for-money when looking at everything they offer. School classes are small; the teaching of a high quality standard; the sports- and creative facilities are generally excellent and the choice of activities simply amazing!
Can I get financial support for my boaring school stay?
Financial support is available. Pupils coming for one year or longer that excel in academics, sports of art can apply for a scholarship (see more on this in a further Essentials post, coming soon!). Families without the economic means to afford the fees can apply for a so-called bursary.
Moreover, some European countries like Germany provide a tax reduction of 30% of the school fee (i.e. the fee minus the boarding fee) to a maximum of €5.000 per year.
When do I pay?
The school bills families at the beginning of every term.
To profit from the current week Pound Sterling (the only positive courtesy of Brexit!), some schools offer the possibility of paying the entire yearly bill upfront.
What is the deal if my child leaves the school early
Unless your child only comes for one term, you will always pay fees for two terms. It is crucial that you give written notice to the school before the end of the term.
We hope this post is helpful. We'd appreciate your honest feedback!
von Bülow Education Team
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