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02 October 2018
by Ferdinand Steinbeis

English boarding schools - an update on Brexit from the Conservative Party Conference

Hello from Oxford!
Yesterday was the Conservative Party's annual conference. Inevitably Brexit was the predominant (only?) topic of discussion.
One of the big issues that was discussed of course was immigration. The movement of people post-Brexit in 2019 is the most contentious topic and was hotly debated.
At von Bülow we have daily conversations with concerned parents about what this will mean for their children's boarding school plans in the UK.
This is why we aim to give regular updates that are hopefully relevant and reassuring. With discussions within the Conservative Party (it is very divided on the topic of Brexit!) and negotiations with the EU ongoing, reliable predictions are very hard to come by.
One thing that becomes increasingly clear, however, is that pupils and students from the EU will not be restrained from entering the UK for schooling and university.
Mrs May yesterday reiterated this point. Students entering the UK will have to:
"speak English to a standard level and be willing to develop their language abilities further"
"be able to pay for their schooling in the UK without any UK government support"
Admittedly, this is not very much to go on. The good news is though that both conditions are satisfied with virtually all the families we encourage to apply to a British boarding school.
We will continue to keep a close eye on this and update you on all and any developments as they emerge.
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on info@buloweducation.com or 0044-1235 838540.
Yours von Bülow Education Team
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