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The Essentials

11-17 years
3.7.-17.7. / 17.7.-31.7.
Strong level of English required for the Summer Programme
43 hours of lessons in Critical Thinking, Social Leadership, Creativity and Digital Skills, Sports, Visual Arts, Cooking
Airport transfer included
£4,950 per session
English Language Course
43 hours of English per session
£3,896 per session
The Music Programme
£3,896 per session

Sevenoaks Summer School

Located in Kent, 30 minutes from London, Sevenoaks School is fast becoming the measure for what a top contemporary British boarding school is supposed to be. Phenomenal academic success combined with an unparalleled selection of co-curricular activities in state-of-the-art facilities and a fast-paced environment. In short, a place of superlatives. Sevenoaks is one of the world's most successful IB schools.
Its Summer School Programme is an academic enrichment course for bright, ambitious students aged 11-17 with a strong level of English. You will have the opportunity to meet students from over 40 different countries who have come together to take part in an exclusive summer programme which has been planned, organised and delivered by staff from Sevenoaks School.
The academic side of the course involves four modules: Critical Thinking, Social Leadership, Creativity and Digital Skills. Each module is a 10-hour course and the variety on offer gives students a taste of what academic life is like at Sevenoaks School. Classes are separated by age and parents receive a detailed report from their child’s teachers at the end of their stay at the school. In the afternoon, students enjoy a variety of co- curricular activities on the 40 hectare site. Students stay in the school’s on campus boarding houses in single and double rooms.
The English Course consists of Academic English and General English. Academic English is aimed at those students with specific academic goals. Whether it is entry to a UK boarding school, formal English exams or preparation for the workplace, this module helps students achieve those goals, through carefully structured lessons working on formal use of the English language.
In both General English and Academic English, British pupils from Sevenoaks School come in each day and spend afternoons with the international students, working collaboratively on projects, and allowing the international students to put their learnings into practice, in real-life situations.
English language courses at Sevenoaks School are carefully designed by Sevenoaks School teachers to ensure students leave with an enhanced level of spoken and academic English, while learning in a dynamic and collaborative way.
The Music Programme combines practical and academic musicianship to give students a taste of life as a musician at Sevenoaks School. Taught and designed by Sevenoaks teachers, the course provides a comprehensive introduction to the skills and techniques sought after by UK music scholars.
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