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The Essentials

8-16 years
English and Spanish lessons, Creative writing, Computing, International Citizenship
Sports, Sailing, Photography, Drama, Outdoor Adventure, Creative Arts
£6,450 for the three week course

Gordonstoun Summer School

Gordonstoun is located in the beautiful, rugged countryside of Northern Scotland. The school lives and breathes its credo "There is more in you than you think", which was coined by Kurt Hahn, the German pedagogue and founder of the school. Everything here is about character-building and impelling pupils to challenge themselves. A compelling mix of outdoors activities, academic pursuits and social-impact projects allows pupils to do exactly that.
Summer School courses are appropriate for both native English speakers and those who are learning English as a foreign language. In addition to the academic study options, there are also choices which are designed for those who are looking for more of a summer camp experience and who just want to learn new skills, make friends and have some fun. Art, design, music making, sport, social events and excursions are integrated into the programme, along with an adventure phase on the beautiful Scottish West Coast in all the three and a half week courses.  However a limited number of two week places are available on Short Course 2, designed for children who may wish to stay on campus. Many parents are astounded that over such a short time there can be so significant an improvement in their child’s confidence, maturity and skills learnt, combined with such strong friendships developed.
The aim is to build the young people’s confidence in teamwork and leadership through specific activities, such as the obstacle course, low ropes and initiative tests, however these life skills are also built in a whole host of other activities in the comprehensive programme, from sailing a boat to group performances.
“Not 3 weeks in a lifetime, but a lifetime in 3 weeks”
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