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The Essentials

8-17 years
15 hours of English or Global
Studies per week
Sports, Drama, Dance, Music, Fashion, Pre-IB, Science, Excursions
Airport transfer included
£1,500 per week

Felsted Summer School

Felsted School is located an hour north of London by train and has all the accoutrements of a good British boarding school: the beautiful campus, complete with extensive sports fields, good teachers as well as an extensive list of extracurricular activities. A striking feature of the school is how it makes its pupils look ahead towards a life outside of school, how to best plan for a successful business or entrepreneurial career down the line.
Felsted School was founded in 1564, which means that it offers an incredible depth of heritage and experience in terms of pastoral care, education and personal development. As the Summer School enters its seventh year of operation the school remains committed to the ethos and the values of the institution. The programme is carefully refined and developed to ensure that the needs of students are met.
The Summer School is divided into Junior and Senior Programmes as well as Global Studies for students with an excellent grasp of English. For those who are interested in improving both their language skills and knowledge of global affairs, International Relations as an academy is an option so you can do both! 
A unique element to the programme is that British children join their international friends both in and out of the classroom. They live and take part in all elements of the timetable as so much colloquial English is learnt in the more relaxed activity and social areas of the timetable.
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