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The Essentials

9-17 years
15 hours of English
15 hours of sports, music or dance
Arsenal Football, tennis, hockey, horse riding, music, dance, coaching award
Worth School, Seaford College, Oundle School, Clayesmore School, Teikyo School
Airport transfer included
£1,625 per week

Exsportise Summer School

Exsportise is a highly experienced organisation in running sport summer schools for 9-17 year olds since 1988.
They offer an English Language Plus programme which combines English language tuition in a classroom, with a chosen Specialist Option of either a sport, music (vocal or instrumental) or dance. Combining English language studies with an activity that students really enjoy, is the most effective way to learn a language.
Exsportise residential summer camps include 15 hours of English lessons along with 15 hours of sport, music or dance. With a focus on high quality language tuition from expert instructors and professionals that can help them level up in their sporting or artistic endeavours, kids will learn more than just English.
The summer camp features small classes with a 10-1 ratio and on-site supervision and pastoral care to help them reaffirm the right approach and methodology when it comes to being a responsible international citizen.
The programmes are held at beautiful boarding schools Worth School, Clayesmore, Seaford College, Teikyo and Oundle School - all of them with great facilities.
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