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This website introduces the company von Bülow Education, an Oxford-based educational consultancy specialised in helping families find the right British boarding school for their children.

Our Privacy Policy

Our Policy About Your Personal Information


Privacy laws in the European Union are changed as of May 25, 2018, on which date the General Data Protection Regulation is effective. In an effort to strengthen your privacy rights,  von Bülow Education is updating its Privacy Policy.
These improvements are part of von Bülow Education's ongoing commitment to provide transparency and safeguard your privacy. They include new requirements around how we process EU personal data.
This privacy policy explains how personal information is collected, used, and disclosed by von Bülow Education:

1. Information we collect from you

We collect information about you, your child and your family during our one-hour boarding school consultation, any email exchanges and phone conversations with you to discuss boarding schools for your child. This information includes your child's academic performance, personal interests, and your and your child's wishes and requirements for an optimal boarding school stay. 
To gauge your child's academic performance, we collect two school reports from you. 
We also collect information with the von Bülow Education company application form we ask you to fill out. This includes contact information, as well as more information about your child's academic performance, personal interests and medical information. 
We also ask your child to produce a written personal statement, in which your child writes about him/herself and his/her interest in a boarding school stay. 
In case your child has a relevant medical history or requires special academic or personal support, we ask you for a doctor's report.

2. How we use your information

We assess all relevant information within the von Bülow Education team to be able to recommend a set of appropriate boarding schools for your child. We then share relevant information to introduce your child to the recommended boarding schools. This will include your child's school reports, personal statement, our application form complete with contact details and an introductory email, in which we briefly introduce your child to the school. 
 We will use your personal information exclusivelyto communicate with you during the consultation and placement process, as well as during your child's stay. In some cases we may get in touch after your child's stay to get a reference. 
3. How we share your information
We never share your personal information with any third parties other than boarding schools we have explicitly discussed with you. At the schools, the persons with access to your personal data will only be those that have a direct concern with it, e.g. a school's registrar or admissions executive, headmaster, bursar, houseparent or matron. 

4. How we protect your information
At von Bülow Education your personal data will be stored in a locked, password encrypted email database and bespoke encrypted company database. 

Any paper registration forms or relevant paper assets like school reports will be stored in a secured filing cabinet at our offices in Harwell, Oxford. Any confidential hardcopy information that we discard will be destroyed via a secure information shredding service. 

5. How you can access, control and correct your information
We respect your right to access and correct, as required by applicable law, your data subject to other laws such as The Children Act and the EYFS Statutory Framework. We also take steps to ensure that the personal information we collect is accurate and up to date.
You have the right to know what personal information we maintain about you.
If your personal information is incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to ask us to update it.