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What makes von Bülow Education different from other companies?
Our mission: finding the perfect match.
At von Bülow Education we passionately believe that a child will thrive in life if he or she goes to a school that suits its individual personality, aptitudes, passions and dreams.
That's why we will do everything in our power to help find that school for your child. When this happens, we call it a perfect match.
Below you'll find a detailed explanation of how we work.
Outside our offices in Richmond.
What makes us, us.
We are insiders.
Our headquarters are in Richmond, just south of London. This means that we are, literally, on the doorstep of most of the best boarding schools in the UK. We make good use of this advantage and visit these schools as regularly as possible. We have lunch with 'our' pupils in the school canteens; we have tea with the headmasters and boarding house parents; we go to the openings of new science buildings and sports centers. In short, we know these schools. Inside and out.
Our closeness to the schools also translates into exclusivity: some of the top boarding schools, like Sevenoaks School, Winchester School, Wellington College and Radley College only work with a very exclusive list of consultants. von Bülow Education is one of them!
We are experienced.
Over the course of 30 years, we have literally placed thousands of pupils in the best British boarding schools. Alexandra von Bülow , the founder of von Bülow Education, was one of the first educational consultants in Germany to advise families on British boarding schools. Ten years ago, she passed the baton on to her son Ferdinand, who benefits from her deep knowledge and experience daily. As such, we are one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and connected educational agents in Europe.
We do what we do with dedication and a real awareness of our responsibility.
We know how transformative a stay at the right boarding school can be for children. We therefore move mountains to ensure our pupils get a place at the school that fits their individual needs and interests. At the same time we are acutely aware of our responsibility for needing to get it right.
Eine Glastüre eines unserer Lieblingsinternate Clayesmore School
How we work - our placement process in ten steps.
(Duration of approximately three months)
1. We always start with a consultation.
Here we learn about your child’s requirements and answer any questions you may have. This can happen face-to-face or via Skype/Facetime. The consultation is free of charge.
2. We recommend a shortlist of schools.
Based on a common understanding of what’s needed, we send you a list of 3-5 school recommendations. This is when you start paying for our services.
3. We introduce your child to the schools.
Our placement team sends reports, personal statement and a summary of discussions to the pre-agreed schools.
4. We discuss the schools’ feedback with you.
After a week, the schools respond with feedback indicating their interest, which we discuss with you.
5. We plan and book school visits.
Assuming positive responses from the schools, we plan a trip of school visits for you.
6. You visit the schools.
You come to the UK for 3-4 days to visit between 3-5 schools. You get a tour and meet senior staff.
7. You decide which school(s) to apply for.
Based on your impressions and gut feeling, you decide which school or schools you wish to apply for.
8. You fill out application forms and schedule for the admissions tests.
To get a foot in the door, you’ll fill out the school’s application form. You’ll also schedule your child’s application tests, which are usually in English and Mathematics and can be sat at the child’s school or a lawyer’s office.
9. Your child sits the admissions tests.
Don’t worry, we will help with the preparations!
10. You’ll receive the offer letter.
Aquarium at the Science-Department at Uppingham School
How we work together.
  • You get virtually unrestricted access to your consultant and the placement team. If you need anything or have any questions or queries, call us!
  • We aim to be as responsive as possible. We will respond to your email or call you back within 12 hours.
  • We know that you lead busy lives and that plans can change. This is especially true for your school visitation trip. At von Bülow we of course try our best to be as accommodating as possible here. Therefore we are happy to change your travel itinerary once. Thereafter we reserve the right to charge you at cost for any further itinerary changes. We will of course notify you beforehand if this happens.
  • We know how difficult certain decisions on this placement journey can be. And while we will do everything in our power to support you along the way, we kindly ask our clients to make use of our time wisely. We reserve the right to charge clients extra in exceptional cases. We will of course notify you beforehand if this happens.
This can happen at the best schools - a rather chaotic instrument storage room at Wells Cathedral School.
Our value to you.
  • We promise to do our utmost to find the perfect match between your child and the best British boarding school for his/her needs.
  • We provide bespoke advice, based on the personality, strengths, weaknesses and interests of the your child, and your wishes as parents.
  • We have extensive insider knowledge of the schools, thanks to many years of working with them and our geographical proximity, which allows us to visit them regularly. We generously share this insider knowledge to our clients.
  • We give advice on the complete range of topics that allow for successful placement - from admissions criteria to universities in Europe, to subject choices, admissions test preparations and others.
  • We handle all communication with the schools during the placement process, saving you a lot of time and hassle - especially parents who don’t feel confident about their English language skills!
  • We solve problems on behalf of our clients during the stay at the schools, if and when these arise.
  • We often facilitate a more likely entry into schools, as our partner schools trust us as reliable match-makers and filters.
  • We provide peace of mind to clients, by being a trusted, accessible, reliable and friendly partner in all situations.
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