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01 April 2020
by Ferdinand Steinbeis

PODCAST! "Tea with the Head" - Interview with Andew Rattue, Headmaster of St Clare's Oxford

Hello, this time from London!
It's finally happening. Today, we launch our brandnew podcast "Tea with the Head"!
As of now, we bring you in-depth conversations with headmasters of some of the most exciting, British boarding schools.
Naturally, we will talk about the schools, what makes them unique and special. But we will also get to know the headmasters as people. What makes them tick, what motivates them and why they became headmasters in the first place.
We hope that "Tea with the Head" will bring you more interesting insights into British boarding schools and why they are the amazing places they are.
In the first episode we talk to the amazing Andrew Rattue, Headmaster of St Clare's in Oxford. St Clare's is definitely unique amongst the top IB boarding schools in the UK. Andrew tells us why and how that is.
But now, without much further ado, we proudly present "Tea with the Head"

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