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19 July 2022
by Ferdinand Steinbeis

News from the island - everything you need to know right now re Covid-19, travel and Brexit

Hello from Oxford,
At the moment there are daily occurrences in Great Britain that affect our families' plans for a boarding school stay. To keep our families up-to-date, we have created "Aktuelles von der Insel", a weekly news service.
1) Covid-19 in the UK
Covid numbers have come down continuously in April and May. For the latest data please take a look here.
Needless to say, Covid-19 has not disappeared from the UK. However, for better or for worse, the pandemic is very much 'yesterday's news' with the war in Ukraine, the cost of living crisis and Boris Johnson's never-ending Partygate-Affair dominating headlines here.
We at von Bülow observe that few people continue to wear masks in public life. Also normal life has returned here with people attending music festivals, birthday parties and pub-outings.
The dining hall at Royal Hospital School
2) Life at British boarding schools with Covid-19
All British boarding school offer an in-situ education since 18th March 2021. Most schools offer an almost complete offer of extracurricular activities including team sports and excursions.
Thanks to our weekly visits at UK boarding schools we know that school life has pretty much returned to pre-Covid times. That includes sports tournaments against other schools and national and international excusions.
A classroom door at Cheltenham Ladies College
3) Travel to England, Scotland and Wales
Since the 18th March there are no more restrictions for travelers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland into the UK. That includes non-vaccinated travelers.
Furthermore, travellers do not have to fill out the much-maligned Passenger Locator Form any longer.
Old school - eine Holzbank an der Sedbergh School
4) Travel from the UK to Germany
Since 20th February Great Britain is not deemed a high risk country any longer.
Therefore, travelers from 6-years old need to be able to prove their vaccination- or recovery status, or show a negative PCR test.
A peak into Monkton Combe's art department
5) Child Student Visa Applications - please apply NOW!
Families with children joining a boarding school this September for six months or longer need a Child Student Visa. We strongly recommend that you start the application process as soon as possible.

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