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21 February 2021
by Ferdinand Steinbeis

Mini Series BOARDING SCHOOL AT HOME - How British Boarding Schools educate in a pandemic.

Hello from Oxford!
In the UK, we have been living with Covid-19 for nearly a year now. Boarding schools that pride themselves on being pupils’ “home away from home” have had to close their doors and instead enter pupils’ family homes, via Zoom, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.
Some international students stayed at school throughout the pandemic and there have been short periods when schools reopened, but to all intents and purposes, boarding schools have largely lived online in the last year.
So what does an English boarding school in the time of Covid look like? How do they teach online, how do they provide extracurricular activities remotely, and how do they beam a sense of community and care into their pupils’ homes?
At von Bülow, we’ve been interviewing schools, teachers, students, parents, and education experts to find out. We’re writing about what we’ve learnt in a three-part series of articles called BOARDING SCHOOL AT HOME, where we’ll examine each question one at a time.
This is our first, a deep dive into British boarding schools’ online teaching — how they approach it, what parents and students think of it, and what education experts say is best practice.
Next, we’ll be looking at the extracurricular side of online schooling; after that, we’ll explore how schools are maintaining a sense of community and pastoral care in an online world.
Here's the first article - Boarding School at Home - Teaching at Home.

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