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This website introduces the company von Bülow Education, an Oxford-based educational consultancy specialised in helping families find the right British boarding school for their children.

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Project Campus - an experiment courtesy of vBE.

Ferdinand Steinbeis

Hello from sunny Oxfordshire!

We would love your feedback! 

For a while now we have been working on a little prototype of a new digital service for families searching for the right British boarding school. 

The working title for this service is Campus. You can find a first iteration of it here -

So, what is Project Campus for exactly and why are we excited about it? 

The goal of Campus is to explore the possibility of giving people a tool to initiate their own school searches. DIY style! Our prototype invites users to answer a small set of key questions. These answers to these questions allow Campus to make three bespoke school recommendations, complete with profiles introducing the schools. Like this, visitors to Campus get bespoke school recommendations within minutes!

Does that make our consulting services obsolete? We sincerely hope not! However we are perfectly aware that there are exciting technologies out there that can be leveraged to help families make better decisions around British schools. With our mission to help families find the "perfect fit" - the right school for their child - we at von Bülow are excited about this prospect. We hope to be able to develop our existing, simple prototype into a sophisticated, delightful search tool to empower our families. 

Please take a look at our prototype. And please send us feedback on it! 

Thank you kindly.

Yours vBE Team