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This website introduces the company von Bülow Education, an Oxford-based educational consultancy specialised in helping families find the right British boarding school for their children.

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Ein Brief an die Schule Fyling Hall

Ferdinand Steinbeis

Guten Tag aus dem sommerlich-heissen Oxford!

Gestern erreichte uns eine Email der Schule Flying Hall mit einem Brief einer Schülerin, die wir dorthin vermittelt haben. Der Brief begeistert uns so, daß wir ihn hier auf unserem Blog veröffentlichen wollen. Emma Kinkartz, die Autorin des Briefes, verbrachte ein Trimester an der Schule. Nun ist sie seit einigen Tagen wieder in Deutschland. Offensichtlich in einem Moment des Fernwehs verfasste Emma folgenden Brief.

Dear Mr Allen,

It has only been a week, but already we are missing our friends, the horses, the beach, the forest, our matron and the staff. We would just like to say a huge thank you for hosting us at Fyling Hall School. We enjoyed our time here so much and felt it was so valuable we wanted to share a diary we have prepared for our school friends, with you:When I arrived in the main house, my first impression was that it was very beautiful. It was in the evening, so it only consisted of a dark house with bright lights through each window and in the background behind the house you were able to see the sea and the breathtaking landscape.The House is small but grand, which makes it easier to find everything without getting lost. As soon as you come in and follow the corridor, Miss Anders, the House mother, will give you a warm homely welcome and lead you upstairs to your room. In the main house are up to 10 bedrooms for the girls and some nice, clean, bathrooms. You can guess, it is all very
comfortable and familiar between each other. Also in this house is the staff room, the office, the headmaster‘s office and a common room for the girls with a little fridge, comfortable sofas and a television. The biggest advantage of the position of the school is definitely the view, you can expect something very beautiful when you take a look through any window on the rear of the house.  The whole school is surrounded by beautiful nature. Especially in spring and summer you can enjoy sitting outside on the grass looking over the sea and admiring flowers and the blue sky above you. Despite the small size of the school, there are a lot of pretty places around the houses where you can learn independantly, or read - or whatever you‘re up to. 

The Main House is of course not the only building in that school. Next to it is the biggest house with teaching classrooms and the dining hall. This building also surrounds an outside play area where you are allowed to play ball games; for example during the breaks. On the left side of the Main Houses is one of the Boy‘s Houses. There is also a second one, a little way up. In there are all the sixth form boys: (years 12 and 13).

Personally, I have a lot of favorite classrooms in Fyling Hall. There is the big Art room with plenty of pictures and creative drawings and paintings from many different students. You have many opportunities to do art work in any ways, but you really have to be creative to work in there. I also love the Barn. It has a little stage and a place for the audience, so as you can guess, this room is there for the subject drama. But not only for that, because at least two times a week, the school has assemblies to talk about life, politics, worries and social issues. I always found it very funny, because the students have to make an assembly themselves that they have to present to the rest of the school which prepares them for life in the real world.  

For me, the routine was very easy to handle. Although you have school until quarter past four, which sounds very exhausting, you have a lot of free time. The first bell rings at seven in the morning so you have time to get ready until quarter to eight, because then it‘s breakfast. After breakfast you have again a lot of time until half past eight, that‘s when school actually begins. After school then, you have more than an hour to go to tea at half past five. Of course you get something for lunch as well during school time and the meals were prepared daily and were fresh and delicious. Every day of the week except Friday and Saturday you have prep. One hour and a half to do all your homework. It might sound horrific, but believe me, otherwise you wouldn't do it yourself in your room. And after that, you can do whatever you want until 10pm. Every weekend, the school offers trips to different places like Whitby or York. 

Just to conclude…my time at Fyling Hall School was quite magical. Musically I joined a local band and won competitions with that band as well as with the well respected school choir! My time here was absolutely worth it. In these three months, I have had the chance to make some very nice friends, I learned how a boarding school works and a lot more about life and about myself. You might not think that way, but you will absolutely miss everyone and everything in this school, even though your stay wasn't that long.  I wish I could have stayed longer. 

Thank you for everything!

Yours Emma